Automatic Lead Generation, List Segmentation, and Personalized Follow-Up

Any Time, Any Place, Any Device

Ask questions to your subscribers using the SMS messaging system within TPNI Engage.

Depending on their answers, they are placed into different prospect lists.

Messages are sent to each list, and each is tailored to specifically meet the needs of the subscribers in the targeted list.

Give Your Customers the Content They Want

  • Ask Subscribers to Respond with Hashtag Keywords

    Each keyword corresponds to a different path of messaging.

  • Group Subscribers into Segmented Lists Based on Responses

    Based on their answers, subscribers are segmented into different lists.

  • Tailored Messages Are Sent to Each of Your Lists

    This way, every single customer gets the message they need and want.

Deliver Content Based on Responses

Customized Videos

Bonus PDF Content

Inventory Items

Special Interviews

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