One in Five People on Earth Uses Email.

Isn’t It Time They Read Yours?

Powerful Email Builder

Send Email Messaging Automatically

The email builder within TPNI Engage allows you to schedule and send your email messages automatically. You can even set conditional criteria on who your emails go to, so each subscriber gets exactly the messages they need at exactly the right time.

Import Graphics

Create beautiful emails that boost conversions by importing your own logos, graphics, and photos right into your messaging.

Trackable links also give you the ability to send your subscribers elsewhere, with powerful analytics available to you on the backend to know where your subscribers are online.

Email Analytics

Open Rates

Track Opens and Bounce Rate

Not only can you track opens and bounce rates on your emails, but with TPNI Engage analytics, you can even track the click engagement within your email messaging.

A/B Split Testing

Test multiple messages to determine your highest performing content. You can determine your highest performing copy and start converting more leads into customers.

Personalized Messaging

Campaign Tags

Using tags like {firstname}, you can write your email once and it will be personalized to each subscriber based off of their information. Everyone will feel like you’ve put a personal touch on the communication coming from your brand.

Authentic Feel

Nurturing your customers can be difficult, especially when traffic to your business starts to grow. With our robust tagging system, you can write your message once, but send thousands of variations depending on the info that your subscriber has provided. Your messages will be professional and authentic, and your audience will love you for it.

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