Deliver the Right Message at the Perfect Time

Messages That Gather Information


In order to get information from subscribers, you need to know what you don’t have. Instant Customer automatically gathers info for you, and can easily segment subscribers into lists based on the information that you still need from them.


You can ask the subscribers whose information is missing to reply with the missing info. These will only be sent to the people whose information is missing, so you will not run the risk of annoying your other subscribers with irrelevant messaging.


After subscribers reply with the missing info, it is automatically added into their subscriber profile, where it can be accessed anytime.

The Right Message

Not every customer is the same, so why would you send out the same message to all of them?

TPNI Engage segments your subscribers based off of their past actions, allowing you to create messages for each group.

When these customers subscribe to your campaigns, Engage will automatically match your customers to the message that is perfect for them. 

The Right Time

Some texts and emails convert well immediately after a customer subscribes to your campaign, while others are best to be read a long time afterwards. Not every customer subscribes to your campaign at the same time, but they can still get your content in the same sequence! 

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