Consolidate the Login Process

Who Can Use Your Engage Account?

Login Profiles allow you to create profiles for your own social networks, your employees’, or your clients’. Your entire team can be working on campaigns, or you can consult your clients, teaching them to use the multicasting tools within TPNI Engage for their own business, using their own social networks.

Just log in to your accounts, and when you click authenticate, you can socialcast to any of the networks attached to your login profile! Create as many as needed.

With Login Profiles you are enabled to work on campaigns with your entire team! Collaboration is the name of the game, and your company just became the Dream Team!

You can give access to whomever you choose, so it is easy to teach your clients about TPNI Engage and what it can do for their business! You can also post to their social networks on their behalf (with their consent of course).

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