Broadcast Your Message to Your Entire Following with the Click of a Button

Broadcast Once and Reach Everyone

If you have a message you want your audience to hear, you can send broadcasts to your entire list, or specific segments of it.

Unlike autoresponders, broadcasts can be created on the fly, saved for later, or scheduled. No matter what though, they are sent to every subscriber at the same exact time. This makes them perfect for special announcements, reminders, or deals.

Conditional Broadcasts

You can decide to send a broadcast message to your whole list, specific campaigns, or certain subscribers. TPNI Engage will be able to find the subscribers who fit whichever criteria you set for your message, and automatically send the broadcast to only those people.

This lets you treat every subscriber with the exact care and understanding they need, which increases the likelihood that they will be a lead you convert.

Multiple Broadcast Messaging Platforms!


Text messages have an astounding 96% open rate and are typically read within an average of 15 minutes after they’ve been received and are responded to within an hour.


Email is still an effective form of marketing communication – if done right. TPNI Engage has a fully built-out email broadcast system that initiates an email conversation.


Voice broadcasts are placed directly in your customers’ mobile phone inbox. This way they can check for messages at their convenience and review your broadcasted message.

Powerful Analytics

Track how many people open your broadcast. This data lets you see how well your broadcast performed, giving you detailed looks at WHO opened your message, and WHEN they opened it. Track Clicks to see which of your links were followed by the most people.

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